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The Illusionist

As much as I love the odd Disney/Pixar 3D spectacular, there is something reassuring about watching an animation done the old-fashioned way.  The new film from Sylvian Chomet, The Illusionist, is his first full length feature since Belleville Rendez-Vous (Les Triplettes de Bellville) in 2003. It's a beautiful, lyrical tale of two lost souls; a French magician down on his luck and the girl he meets when performing in a Scottish island pub after leaving France to find work. Touching and funny (get over the slightly oh-so-French Lolita-esque plotline) I marveled at the beautiful Scottish landscapes, stunning Edinburgh cityscapes and cast of imaginative characters. This film is not one to rely on dialogue with perhaps 10 words spoken through it's entirity, but that only adds to the atmosphere - instead it uses physical comedy, music and (hand drawn) expression to tell the story. Amazing.

I couldn't decide which stills to post, so have gone for all of those I found. It's just a shame I did not find one of the incredibly funny dog, acrobatic troupe or wailing viking opera singer, you will have to watch the film to glimpse those......

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