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Francesco Capponi has created the Pinhegg, a pinhole camera crafted from an egg. It's inherent fragility made for many frustrations along the way, but the results are amazing photographic objects. Read more and find a step-by-step guide to making one via Lomography magazine.

[pullquote author="Francesco Capponi"]Since I started pin-holing the world, I have had the strong desire to make a special camera, with the purpose of shooting just one photograph. The purpose was to sacrifice the camera in the process of photo creation – I wanted the camera to become the photograph. To let you understand, the process from the camera to the photograph is the same that ties the baby bird to the egg: the bird grows protected from the shell and when it's ready breaks it and comes out. This is why I decided to create the Pinhegg – An Egg Pinhole Camera.[/pullquote]

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Jeremyville creates and posts one Community Service Announcement a day from his New York studio - sweet, insightful thoughts about the important things in life. The childlike illustrations and innocent but universal statements can't help but make you smile and reflect.

Stay up to date on his facebook page, purchase limited edition prints and peruse other projects on his website.

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Save the Cerrado

Last week WWF launched their new campaign to Save the Cerrado savannah from the ravages of soya production. It's a diverse habitat covering 21% of Brazil and home to many unique species, yet is often overlooked on the global conservation stage in favour of it's more famous neighbour, the Amazon.

Check out this amazing video performed by South American magician El Mago Serpico and produced by the clever people at Neo. Sign up and urge your supermarket to take action by agreeing to buy their soy grown to Round Table on Responsible Spy (RTRS) standards here. It only takes a minute and Waitrose have already committed to the target, so it's working!