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Tea on the brain today... I can't seem to get enough of the stuff. This 1939 poster available from V&A Prints hits the nail on the head - oh to be on the beach, under an umbrella, sipping tea from a teapot no less. But where are the saucers? Shock horror! Beach or no beach the reviving effects of a good cuppa just can't be beat:

These fine china cups by welovekaoru are beautiful, some have the luxurious touch of hand painted 22 carat gold:

Love this pantone tea colour chart by Onka Kular, one for the office!:

Some lovely prints found on etsy, by drawcity:

By beethings:

By kathymellor:

Those crazy surrealists....Meret Oppenheim's Object (1936). Not the most practical tea cup I've seen!

And what do you need with a nice cup of tea? Why a biscuit of course! This advert for The Red October Factory by the great Rodchenko is delightfully strange:

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