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Lucha Libre

Danish photographer Sara Galbiati has captured the violent spectacle of Lucha Libre (“Free Fighting”) in all of it's theatrical glory. The heroic luchador is documented in action, at rest and in pose in a series of brilliant colour images.

Popular in Mexico since the 1930s, the sport has grown to dizzying heights. For a taste of the real thing Lucha Future opens at the Roundhouse in Camden today until 26th June, and is coming to The Dome in Brighton next weekend.

[pullquote author="Sarah Galbiati"]"It is a fight between “tecnicos” and “rudos” –between “good” and “evil”, where either the good or evil wins, so the never ending duel can continue in the next coming shows. The fights are choreographed and the winner picked in advance, but the fights are all at once fascinating, surreal, brutal, fake and serious"[/pullquote]

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